Our Practice Areas


We understand the joy and challenges that come with the adoption process. Our team of experienced family law experts provides compassionate and comprehensive legal guidance to individuals and families seeking to grow their families through adoption.

Admiralty Law

We are experienced in representing clients in shipping and maritime disputes, negotiating maritime contracts, marine insurance, and other maritime disputes. Our dedicated team of lawyers is well-versed in the unique aspects of admiralty law and can provide expert guidance and representation in this complex area.

Commercial Law

Our firm specializes in commercial law and provides comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes. We assist clients in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, resolving commercial disputes, protecting intellectual property, and navigating regulatory compliance. Our adept legal team also excels in commercial litigation and arbitration, offering strategic solutions to safeguard our clients’ commercial interests.

Comparative Law

We compare laws and legal concepts in different jurisdictions, analyse their similarities and differences and draft policy documents where need be. We also provide opinions on cross-border transactions and disputes.


We offer comprehensive arbitration services both locally and internationally to help clients resolve their disputes outside of the traditional court setting. Our managing partner is also a skilled arbitrator trained in alternative dispute resolution methods and can facilitate fair and efficient arbitration proceedings.

Banking Law

Our firm specializes in banking law and provides comprehensive legal services to financial institutions, lenders, borrowers, and other stakeholders in the banking industry. We have a deep understanding of banking regulations, compliance requirements, and financial transactions. Whether you need assistance with regulatory matters, loan documentation, or dispute resolution, debt management, recovery, and negotiation,  our experienced team is here to provide you with expert advice and representation.

Business Law

We offer a wide range of legal services to assist businesses throughout their lifecycle. From formation and structuring, to developing contracts, finalising transactions, and compliance, our team of business lawyers have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every stage of your business.

Criminal Law

Our team of legal practitioners have all had some form of criminal experience. We provide strong representation to individuals facing criminal charges and we also prosecute individuals who have transgressed the criminal laws of Sierra Leone. We also interface with the Anti-Corruption Commission on matters.

Constitutional law

At Yada Williams & Associates we have experts in constitutional law and constitutional related matters especially matters relating to and /or emanating from the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone including but not limited to constitutional rights, government’s powers and the relationship between the government and its citizenry.

Corporate Law

At the intersection of law and business strategy, our corporate law experts provide comprehensive legal counsel, guiding you through transactions, governance and compliance with precision.


Facilitating smooth property transactions, our conveyancing team ensures meticulous attention to detail, offering a seamless process for buying, selling, and transferring of real estate.


In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, our legal team offers comprehensive guidance. From regulatory compliance to transactional matters, we provide strategic advice to diverse stakeholders to safeguard financial interests and promote fiscal success.

Employment and Labor Law

We are committed to fostering harmonious workplace relationships and maximizing your workforce’s well-being. From employment contracts to dispute resolution, from pension plans to health benefits, we navigate the intricacies of workforce dynamics with precision and dedication and tailor legal strategies to optimize employer-employee relationships.

Environmental Law

This area of practice deals with legal issues arising from the preservation and protection of the environment. Our team of lawyers in this field perform research on climate change, and work on cases involving environmental regulations, land use, pollution, and conservation. We can represent individuals and organizations in environmental dispute.

Immigration Law

Our services cover issues relating to residence permits; work permits; illegal entry; breaches of immigration law and regulations; expulsion and relief; general documentation and marriage fraud; passport and visa application; refugees/asylum seekers; citizenship and related immigration proceedings. We aim to solve legal challenges and unravelling complexities pertaining to immigration law.

Investment Law

We conduct negotiations on investment deals and high quality drafting of investment agreements. The firm dedicates itself to providing thorough reviews and advice on multilateral, bilateral and state-investor contracts to ensure that the rights of our clients and their investment are accorded the fullest protection provided for by the law.

Human Rights Law

Our firm is focused on protecting and promoting fundamental human rights, especially those enshrined in chapter 3 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone. We represent individuals and organizations in both domestic and international matters.

Public Law

Our team of experts can provide legal opinion and handle disputes in matters involving the government and its institutions, the Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991 particularly on matters relating to constitutional rights, government’s powers and the relationship between the government and its citizenry


We provide legal opinions and advice to taxable individuals and entities, including companies incorporated outside Sierra Leone but who wish to establish a place of business in Sierra Leone or conduct business in Sierra Leone. We cover issues such as taxable income, deductions, penalties, and over-taxing, all in a bid to ensure that the rights of our clients are protected.


The firm provides legal services for trademark registration and renewals, refusal of registration of trademark; advice on unfair competition and other relevant trade mark offences, to give our clients the fullest protection of the law from interference with their trade names and design with regards particular class of goods and services.

Mining & Leasing

Our firm’s services extend to negotiating of mining leases, ownership of mines and minerals, regulations and compliance, health and safety of workers and the impact to the environment.

Oil & Gas

Some of our clients are engaged in oil and gas onshore and offshore exploration, production, refining, drilling, storing, processing, transporting and general dealings. Our firm’s services extend to negotiating, drafting and registering of instruments relating to oil and gas and also the provision of advice on the legal consequences of indigenous emissions, greenhouse emissions and carbon capture and sequestration among other things in light of extant environmental laws.

International Trade Law

The firm offers thorough analysis of international trade rules and regulations governing international transactions entered into by individuals and legal entities. The firm is particularly excited about AfCFTA which encourages the sale and purchase of goods and services and the movement of people across international borders in Africa.

International Law

Our firm’s services in international law touch and concern a wide range of ears including matters of human rights; humanitarianism; criminal law and terrorism; environmental law; trade law; maritime law; and arbitration law. Our firm offers services to all actors on the international law arena such as states; international organizations; non-governmental organizations; as well as individuals.

Intellectual Property Law

We want our clients to get their deserved recognition and the accompanying pecuniary benefits that flow from their inventions and innovations as established by law. We cover rights, benefits, protection and privileges pertaining to industrial property; copyright; patents; industrial designs; brands and specially protected traditional knowledge which are afforded to individual and entities by law. Our legal services extend to all application processes including international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and ARIPO Protocol and their related legal proceedings.


We provide legal services to telecommunication companies in Sierra Leone. We are au fait with the processes and procedures involved in obtaining and registering of license, the assignment, refusal, suspension or revocation of licence; easement; interconnection agreements; unfair competition related disputes; transactions involving telecommunications equipment and all telecommunications related legal proceedings.